At the restaurant you will be greeted by our staff. You will get a table code which you soon will need to make your first order.
Once you’re settled down at your table you can pick up your phone. Open the Pinchos App and start perusing all the different drinks and food in the menu. A tip is to order in rounds, starting with the drink! :)
When you’re happy with your order you fill in the table code and send it to the kitchen.
Follow the instructions in the app and don’t forget to allow push notifications! :)
Once your order is ready to be picked up you will receive a notification.

Our app will never send any push notifications to your phone for any other purpose.
All food is collected in the window by the kitchen and all drink in the bar.

Drink with alcoholic contents may only be collected and consumed by guests within age limits. ID-checks happen so don’t forget to bring your ID! :)
When it’s finally time to round off the evening you choose whether to pay directly in the phone and thereby collecting bonus points or call for a waiter for payment. Keep in mind that some of our restaurants are cash-free.

If there is anything you might be wondering we’re always nearby to help. Have a fantastic evening!