Within our business, we work with sustainability in many ways. We try to make choices and act in ways that are sustainable at every level. You can see some of the projects we work with here.

Palm oil? No Thanks!

Palm oil is found in a variety of different products, with consumption only increasing all over the world. Unfortunately, it causes grave environmental and human rights issues in the countries that produce it; for example, rain forests are destroyed, threatening many species of plants and animals. The requirements for certifying palm oil are, in our opinion, insufficient. Therefore we at Pinchos have been hard at work in recent years to remove all palm oil from our products. Now we are proud to say that we are 100% palm oil free!


We want to be responsible about the fish that we serve and are careful to only use certified fish. While we are aware that certifications are not the end-all solution, when it comes to fish it is a good place to start. We currently trust ASC and MSC certifications; they enable us to make sure that we offer sustainably farmed and wild caught fish. MSC is an international organisation and certification for wild caught fish. A MSC label ensures that the fish originates from sustainable stock and has been fished with as little environmental impact as possible. ASC on the other hand reviews fish farms, making sure that the fish is farmed in a responsible, environmentally and socially sustainable way. Among other things, they investigate how the water is purified, how water resources are taken into consideration, what feed is used, and whether or not there are antibiotics and chemicals involved.


The coffee we serve is not just organic; it’s also Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified. The Fair Trade label is an independent product label for goods produced with respect for human rights. Organic entails that the coffee production is free from chemicals, additives, and methods that harm people and the planet. Meaning that our coffee is produced with the utmost respect for human rights, conserving rain forests, and with sustainable farming methods. We serve each cup with our heads held high!

Pinchos stöttar Min stora dag

My Special Day works to ensure that children with serious illnesses and diagnoses receive memorable experiences that provide strength. It has been proven that many children love visiting us, and therefore, it has been a no-brainer to support the organization My Special Day for several years. Last year (2023), we managed, together with our guests, to collect close to 100,000 SEK for My Special Day. Absolutely wonderful - it enables us to bring essential joy to even more children.


It takes energy to keep a kitchen going, to keep the ice cold, and the lighting perfectly dimmed. Our goal is for all restaurants throughout our chain to only utilise renewable energy. Even today, we can guarantee that most of them already do – but we won’t stop until each and every restaurant is abuzz with green electricity!


We are proud of the food we serve – even to the many among you who choose to eat vegetarian or vegan! As meat- and dairy-free dishes help us reduce our carbon footprint and negative environmental impact, they are of course essential on the menu. Our concept includes environmental impact calculations; this way our chefs can compare dishes and put together a sustainable menu. Right now our menu contains 43% vegan and vegetarian alternatives, which is quite a bit, but in the future tasty, climate-friendly dishes will be an overwhelming majority!

As animal welfare is an important part of our sustainability and quality efforts, Pinchos supports the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), including the Swedish addition of 20% outdoor exposure. We stand behind meeting all the criteria by the year 2026. The decision includes all operations under the brands Pinchos and Pincho Nation. As of 2022, our chicken supplier meets or exceeds 60% of the criteria set by the European Chicken Commitment. Learn more here.


 We want a work environment where our employees can thrive. We offer good working conditions and hire according to collective bargaining agreements. Our staff also get continuous training opportunities and a chance to development in areas of their choosing. We want our employees to be amongst the happiest in the field!


It is both fun and clever to serve small dishes – not only do they taste good, they usually mean less leftovers that have to be tossed out. We are doing our best to avoid food waste in the kitchen, as well. At most Pincho Nation restaurants, we carefully recycle food waste to produce fertiliser or energy. Even though we are already at a relatively low level of food waste, we are continously striving to reduce it even further. Soon we will launch an all-new, innovative in-house waste function – to be continued …


All individuals are different, but everyone has the same right to be treated fairly and equally, and at Pinchos, there are no exceptions. We always treat each other, our guests, and our partners with respect, kindness, and openness. Everyone should feel safe to be themselves and express themselves.

Inclusion is one of our core values, and it permeates our internal work. It's about embracing everything that sets us apart as individuals. What makes us different also makes us unique, and our personalities become part of the Pincho uniform.

By partnering with Pride, we are now putting LGBTQI+ issues at the forefront. Read more here.

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